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Remington Premier Ammunition 450 Bushmaster 260 Grain AccuTip


Caliber/Gauge: 450 Bushmaster

Bullet Type: AccuTip

Bullet Weight: 260 GR

Muzzle Energy: 2743 ft lbs

Muzzle Velocity: 2180 fps

Rounds Per Box: 20

Boxes Per Case: 10

Application: Big Game

Casing Material: Brass

Premier 450 Bushmaster 260 Grain AccuTip

450 bushmaster Remington Ammo  260 Gr AccuTip 260 grain [PRA450B1] ammunition.

Freedom carries remington ammunition and centerfire rifle rounds.

Find Remington 450 Bushmaster ammo available online, in stock and ready to ship.

Remington Premier AccuTip is the most precise line of rapid expansion polymer-tipped rounds on the market now.

Secondly, It features precision-engineered polymer tip ammunition.

 Thirdly, Specifically designed to provide match-grade accuracy (sub minute of angle).

Premier AccuTip offers an unbeatable combo of super-flat trajectory as well as devastating down-range performance.

Again, Remington Premier Ammunition offers the shooter a variety of bullet designs that are top quality.

Also, these bullets are paired with precise manufacturing tolerances to produce ammunition.

Indeed, anyone who shoots is willing to make the shot of their life.

AccuTip bullets have close-to-perfect concentricity as well as an overall design.

More to this,  Remington is ballistically superior, making them among the most flat-shooting bullets on the market.

Moreso, with an exclusive Power Port tip, this 260-grain AccuTip projectile is bonded and has incredible flight characteristics.

Characteristics ensure accuracy downrange and constant energy.

Further, the bonded construction, the high-strength cartridge-brass jackets and spiral nose cuts make;

Huge, uniformly sized mushroom through the most difficult game easily.

This ammunition is brand new in production non-corrosive packed with boxer primed brass cases.


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