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Hornady Precision Hunter Ammunition 6.5 PRC 143 Grain ELD-X Box of 20


6.5 PRC
Grain Weight
143 Grains
20 Round
Muzzle Velocity
2960 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2782 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model
Hornady ELD-X
Lead Free
Case Type
G1 Ballistic Coefficient
Sectional Density
Test Barrel Length
24 Inches
Velocity Rating
Country of Origin
United States of America

Equipped with the most sophisticated all-range hunting bullets that is available today, Precision Hunter Ammunition sets an all-new standard for accurate as well as reliable and deadly hunting performance. Your prize has never been nearer, even though you’re far from you! Equipped with the revolutionary ELD-X bullet, which has a the patented Heat Shield tip, Precision Hunter is soon to be one of the “go-to” load for ANY hunt because of its superior performance at all ranges of practical.

This Heat Shield tip of the Hornady ELD-X bullet flies against the effects of the aerodynamic heating and keeps its form to create an ideal meplat (tip) that has exactly the same size. A sleek secant ogive, with an optimal boattail design, as well as the extremely concentrated AMP bullet jackets, paired with the patent-pending Heat Shield tip creates a highly accurate and powerful BC Match bullet. ELD-Match bullets BCs are measured using Doppler radars and then corrected to the standard atmospheric conditions. With a high velocity, 0-400 yards of hit, the bullet constantly expands across its entire penetration path. The long shank of the jacket and the large Interlock ring hold the jacket and core together, providing 50-60 percent weight retention. On low velocity, around 400 yards collisions with the Heat Shield edge is driven backward into the bullet, causing expansion. The bullet exhibits conventional expansion. With the large mushroom and 85 to 90 percent weight retention, the bullet is capable of an extensive penetration as well as huge wound cavities. This ammunition is brand new in production non-corrosive and comes with boxer pre-loaded, reloadable brass casings.


  • Heat Shield Tip creates the ideal meplat
  • No tip deformation due to aerodynamic heating
  • Find the exact hunting bullet
  • Enduring terminal performance across all levels

Made In United States of America


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