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9mm – 115 gr TMJ – Speer Lawman (53650) – 1000 Rounds


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powder, non-corrosive primers, and high-quality reloadable virgin brass cases.


Ammo Caliber: 9mm Luger (9×19)

Bullet Type: TMJ

Bullet Weight: 115 Grain

Casing: Brass

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Speer

Manufacturer SKU: 53650

Primer: Boxer

Quantity: 1000 ( 50 rounds per box. 20 boxes per case. 1000 rounds total.)

9mm – 115 gr TMJ – Speer Lawman (53650) – 1000 Rounds

Looking for a 9mm brass practice round that can be used for target shooting, plinking, or training while maintaining the same level of performance and reliability as your duty or personal defense carry round?. If so, the Speer Lawman line from CCI is for you.

Serious shooters understand that practice does not equal perfection; rather, perfect practice equals perfection. To do so, you’ll need a dependable practice round that performs as closely as feasible to the rounds you carry for personal protection or duty. Anything else will not adequately prepare you for the potential real-world scenarios for which you have prepared. Speer understands this, which is why the Lawman line was created over 35 years ago.

Whether plinking, practicing, or protecting, both a practice Total Metal Jacket practice round and a Full Metal Jacket carry round will provide the same reliability, performance, and time-tested construction. Indoor range users will appreciate the TMJ clean-burning powder and primers, which create practically no hazardous airborne metals.

Each Speer Lawman 9mm 115 grain cartridge is created in the United States with only the highest-quality components, including a 115-grain Total Metal Jacket bullet, clean-burning powder, non-corrosive primers, and reloadable virgin brass casings. Each package contains 50 rounds. Each case contains 20 boxes.


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