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Brand Style: Premium

Bullet Style: Triple Shock X-Bullet (TSX)

Bullet Weight (Grains): 150

Cartridge: 30-30 Winchester

Rounds: 20

Made in the USA


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30-30 Let your lever gun perform like never before using the only ammunition in the market that is specifically designed.

Made to maximize efficiency and performance across the tried-and-true rifle platform.

Also, velocities for Federal Premium(r) HammerDown(tm) loads are designed to provide superior ballistics and performance.

More, this is by adjusting the length of the barrels for lever-actions.

The soft point bullets that are molecularly bonded is also adjusted to ensure the most accurate accuracy and expansion at these velocities.

The design of the case as well as the bullet and cartridge guarantee an uninterrupted cycle through tubular magazines and standard lever-action feeding systems.

Specifically designed to work with lever guns 30-30

                                                                      -Performs perfectly with side gate loading as well as tubular magazines.

-Modified chamfered case to allow more efficient feeding

-Bullets designed for greater end-to-end performance of lever-action rifles

-Designed in collaboration together with Henry Repeating Arms

-Ammo are the most effective in terms of expansion and weight retention at impacts

-Performance and velocities increase in pistol cartridges

-Nickel-plated cases


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