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CCI No.35 Primers for 50 Cal



Type 50 Caliber BMG
Bullet Style 50-caliber BMG
Package Quantity 100
Usage Reloading

CCI No.35 Primers for 50 Cal.

CCI No.35 Primers for 50-Cal Ammunition. the massive 50 caliber is showing its worth to be a great choice for long-range targets gun. Bullets and cases that are used are readily accessible, but the huge primer was harder to find. Once again, CCI came to the rescue. CCI No. 35 Primers, CCI no. 35 Primers specifically designed specifically for 50 BMG and is able to ignite the massive propellant cartridge.


CCI No. 35 Primer, 50 BMG. These primers are extremely products since we continuously review and improve the quality of them. The latest CCI primes have more sensitivity and more compatible with both progressive and automated loaders than the previous ones. CCI primers always included the most recent non-corrosive and non-mercuric mix of initiator.

This is our Mil-Spec no. 35/50 Cal BMG primer is the most efficient spark. It’s designed to conform to military standards and is specifically developed to be used with 50 BMG.

We are able to send shipments by UPS Ground service for all lower 48 States. We can send up to 500 pounds. In one shipment. There is for a UPS Hazmat price of $25.00 for each 50 pound. Due to the massive demand and the limited amount of goods we can deliver in one day, we may experience delays in shipping that can last up to a week.


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