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Remington Factory Replacement Model 870


Product chart

Caliber/Gauge: 20 Gauge
Description: 2-3/4″ Chamber/Express
Firearm Model: Remington 870
Color: Matte Black
Size: 18.5″

Built by RemingtonĀ® to provide quality performance on any game. Deer models available with fully rifled or smooth bore barrels and rifle sights. Remington Choke models come with a modified choke. All with 3″ barrel chamber unless otherwise noted.

  • SP = Special Purpose
  • WM = Wingmaster
  • EX = Express
  • D = Deer
  • VR = Vent Ribs
  • FR = Fully Rifled
  • LW = Light Weight
  • RC= Rem Choke
  • CSM = Cantilever Scope Mount
  • RS = Rifle Sights
  • IC = Improved Cylinder


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