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The Gun Parts and Magazines. An examination of each of the components that comprise an modern magazine. What are their functions and how can they work together to ensure a stable shooting experience?

shooting and hunting

shooting and hunting

Magazines range from basic to elaborate. It’s among the most essential parts of a firearm however, it is also susceptible to wear, damage and disalignment. For long-term success with your handguns, rifles, and shotguns you have to know the various components of a gun magazine and how they affect your shooting.


Parts of a Gun Magazine

In simple terms the simplest terms, there are four main elements that comprise what we would describe as a typical magazine for pistols or rifles. We’ll discuss each component in greater detail, but it is important to be aware of the following components Gun parts and magazines:

  1. The Tube or Casing
  2. The Spring
  3. The Follower
  4. Feed Lips. 


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