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Camping tents

Camping tents are your home away from home in the woods, at the lake, or in your own backyard. Choose from tents with room for a single hiker, a few friends, or a large family.

Dome and sphere tents: Dome and sphere tents have rounded tops. They’re easy and fast to set up. Dome and sphere tents can sleep one to over a dozen people, depending on tent and people sizes.

Cabin tents: Cabin tents are usually rectangular and accommodate larger families and groups. Cabin tents take longer to set up than dome tents, but they offer plenty of ceiling height for taller people.

Frame and backpacking tents: Frame tents have metal support frames with sturdy, freestanding capabilities. Backpacking tents are lightweight and easy to carry on the trail.

Many tents have built-in features including screen rooms, storage pockets, and electrical hookups for lights and fans. Nearly all tents are three-season shelters that aren’t recommended for use in heavy snow, frigid temperatures, or high winds.

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