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Black Powder Guns, also known as muzzleloaders have gained popularity among hunters and sportsmen. We offer a variety of muzzleloaders in black which are accurate and precise replicas of working historical guns and revolvers. And the best part is, you don’t need an FFL must be obtained to buy one of these amazing muzzleloaders!


  • What is a black powder gun?
    Also also known as a muzzleloader black powder guns utilize traditional firearm technology that includes the handloading of both ammunition and black powder into the muzzle.
  • What are the advantages having an shotgun that is black?
    In addition to being fun to shoot A muzzleloader that is black lets you decide the amount of powder you use and the way your bullets are created. This means they are less expensive to shoot than modern firearms as well as it is not classified as a firearm by the federal government. However, the laws of your state’s laws are to be considered.
  • Are you able to hunt with a black-colored powder gun?
    Yes. Hunting using a black powder gun can actually prolong the season of hunting as several states have muzzleloader only seasons.
  • How precise are the black powder guns?
    The ammunition is transported at a slower speed, so the range of your hunt is usually less than 100 yards and you must be an improved marksman. Muzzleloaders Hunters (also known as Primitive Hunters have pride in winning their games because it is based on their personal abilities in tracking and stalking instead of relying on the power of a costly firearm.
  • Are supplies such as ammo and powder available for purchase?
    Yes. Kits are available, (check for ours) with everything you need for shooting including ammunition. The only thing that you’ll have to buy separate is the powder it is available at your local retailer of firearms accessories.

remington 1858 short barrelblack-powder-revolver-replica-pietta

remington 1858 short barrelblack-powder-revolver-replica-pietta

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